Friday, April 18, 2014

Top Running Backs to Draft 2014: 7-12

Although the running back position has not been receiving much attention in NFL draft discussions this year, there is an array of talent at the position. There may be no Adrian Peterson's of the class, but many prospects in the class exhibit the abilities necessary to make an immediate impact for NFL teams. As the NFL becomes a much more pass-heavy league, the running back position is turning into an overlooked position. Nonetheless, I believe it is a crucial position that cannot be undervalued. Thusly, I believe teams should have some of the top running back prospects higher on their draft boards. Here, I will outline what I believe to be the best twelve running back prospects in this year's draft class, starting with #'s 7-12.

7. Lache Seastrunk, Baylor, 5' 10" 201lbs. 4.51 40, 41.5 inch vert, 134 inch broad

*2012BaylorBig 12JRRB1313110127.77910711.9114011198.08
*2013BaylorBig 12JRRB1115811777.41115811777.411

8. Andre Williams, Boston College. 5' 11" 230lbs. 4.56 40, 38 inch vert, 129 inch broad, 4.06 second 20 yd shuttle

*2010Boston CollegeACCSRRB12954614.924153.80994764.82
2011Boston CollegeACCSRRB101245174.242115.501265284.24
2012Boston CollegeACCSRRB91305844.544348.501346184.64
*2013Boston CollegeACCSRRB1335521776.11835521776.118

9. Tyler Gaffney, Stanford, 6' 0" 220lbs. 4.49 40, 36.5 inch vert, 4.18 second 20 yd shuttle


10. Terrance West, Towson, 5' 9" 225lbs. 4.54 40, 33.5 inch vert

2011Towson 1119412946.7295255.00
2012Towson 1019510515.414510220.41
2013Towson 1641325096.141262589.91

11. Devonta Freman, Florida State, 5' 8" 206lbs. 4.58 40, 31.5 inch vert, 4.26 20 yd shuttle

*2011Florida StateACCJRRB121205794.88151117.401356905.18
*2012Florida StateACCJRRB141116605.9810868.601217466.28
2013Florida StateACCJRRB1417310165.9142227812.6119512946.615

12. De'Anthony Thomas, Oregon, 5' 9" 174lbs. 4.50 40, 32 inch vert. (more of an ATH than an RB)


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