Tuesday, July 15, 2014

2013 SEC Turnover Margins

Turnovers are often considered the most crucial plays in football games. A Turnover gained creates momentum, and a negative change of possession sucks away confidence. Limiting turnovers is key to any offense's success, and being opportunistic on defense by creating turnovers is the ultimate way to kill the opponent's drive and give your team the ball back. Below is a chart that displays how many turnovers each SEC team gained and gave up. The yellow bands represent the overall turnover margins, which are also stated at the top of the display.

Graphic by Saturday Sports Section (S3C)


  1. only three sec teams in the negative, that's impressive.

  2. Yes, very impressive, and it is worth noting that the SEC's overall turnover margin is +30, meaning the average team had a +2.14 turnover margin. Since most SEC games are against other SEC teams (and the turnover margin has to be zero for the league overall), that +30 comes from out of conference games only.